Friday, June 23, 2017

Anna Sui Glitter Lip Gloss

Last thanksgiving, the Anna Sui store at Soho was running a 20% off black item sale (that's like 90% of their makeup) and being bored, I got a few items just to remember the good old days...
Since I remember I liked their glosses back then, I decided to try the newer glitter lip gloss in 305. I am not sure what the inspiration was but it looks like some sort of vintage cushion chair and the base of a dress. It wasn't hideous or clunky so I don't mind having it in my bag.
Applicator was doe foot, no change from previous generation.
305 is a clear coral red with chunky glitter (that shift around when the gloss rubs off) that's easy enough to wear. The gloss is a mildly tacky gel that's not goopy and can act as moisturizing balm. It's decent but it's nothing outstanding as I have tried various formula that are unique and innovative.

What bugs me is that the formula is exactly the same as the rose-capped ones I bought 7 years ago (that range was released around 2006). Apparently, Albion (maker of Anna Sui makeup) never bothered to do anything to the formula for the past 10 years. 

Instead, all they did was coming up with daring/fugly packaging (OK, the summer 2017 actually looks splendid while the upcoming fall collection is the cheapest design to date). Now I am not surprised that it's pulled from Taiwan (with Paul and Joe and Laduree) recently. What a waste of shelf space...

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wet n Wild Liquid Cat Suit in Give Me Mocha

I know, I can't wear matte but do you know what else I can't do? I can't resist 40% off sale. When I saw these Wet n Wild Liquid Cat Suit for 3 dollars at Rite Aid, I grabbed three without hesitation. Ideally a review of three next to each other would be more straight forward, but since these are so long wearing(hard to rub off), I decided I can only handle one at a time. 
Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit has pretty decent packaging that's not flimsy or a scratch-magnet. I don't have high expectation when it comes to budget brands but at least it's not one of those eyesores WnW used to have (like their lipsticks).
Applicator is curved doe foot. 
Give Me Mocha is a gorgeous red based brown that's grown-up but really modern (not auntie at all). On my mouth, it turns into the exact shade of dried rose that I want from other brand (but they always go grandma mauve on me). 
On the lips, it has a relatively light feel and a very close (to lip line) fit. As time goes on it makes my lips increasingly prune-like. I love the color but I suppose it's just like most matte lip color out there, I can't wear it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lunasol Stain Color Lips EX-02

Lunasol released three limited edition stain color lips for summer 2015. I have already reviewed EX-01 Cool Fuchsia, EX-03 Energy Red and enjoy reaching for both of them, since Lunasol doesn't do many brights (their lipstick range is like 50 shades of rosy nude) I decided to hunt down the remaining shade. 
EX-02 Fresh Coral is a warm orange coral, I have a few lipsticks in the shade, but never in a stain-matte finish.
Lunasol Fresh Coral and Deborah Lippmann Call Me Maybe. Looking almost identical on the arm but rather different on lips.
The texture is still the same frosted jelly that can be patted down into a clear stain.  So, I like this range (nothing new to add).

Monday, June 12, 2017

Mid June Sightings - Japanese Magazine and Drugstore Goodies

 More July 2017 issues are out! In Red has another Moomin tote with a thermal inner pouch...
 (Can read the whole name...Sorry) this one has a bland backpack
 Steady has a cat pouch and mirror
 Mooks - The Marble Stud looks kind of cute. I like the Peanuts backpack as well but for 30 bucks, I might as well wait for a month (for back to school season) and get an actual one
Angelic Pretty with Letter pochette and Aheaheum with a reversible cat/floral bag. Hmmm, should I go get it?
Spotted at New Kam Man - Kiss You electric toothbrush with ionic action (that doesn't require toothpaste and with battery that lasts for a year).
 Botantic Allbright skincare
Wonder Woman makeup
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